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Lactic Acid 80%

Lactic acid has a strong anti-corrosion effect, can be used in wine, beverages, meat, food, pastry production, vegetables (olive, gherkin, pearl onion) marinated and canned food, grain processing, fruit storage, with pH adjustment , antibacterial, extend shelf life, seasoning, maintain food color, improve product quality and other effects. In can processing, grain processing, and fruit storage, it has functions of adjusting pH value, inhibiting bacteria, prolonging shelf life, seasoning, maintaining food color, improving product quality, etc.
colourless to yellow liquid
Fresh color
Stereo chemical purity
Citrate, Oxalate, Phosphate, or Tartrate
Passed test
< 0.1%
< 5mg/kg
< 10mg/kg
< 3mg/kg
< 0.5mg/kg
Residue on ignition
< 0.1%
Passed test
< 0.25%
Heavy Metal
1. Lactic acid has strong antiseptic and fresh-keeping effect. It can be used in fruit wine, beverage, meat, food, pastry making, vegetable (olive, cucumber, pearl onion) pickling and canning, food processing, fruit storage, with adjustment pH, bacteriostatic, prolonged shelf life, seasoning, color preservation, and product quality;
2. In terms of seasoning, the unique sour taste of lactic acid can increase the taste of food. Adding a certain amount of lactic acid to salads such as salad, soy sauce and vinegar can maintain the stability and safety of microorganisms in the product while making the taste milder;
3. Because of the mild acidity of lactic acid, it can also be used as the preferred sour agent for delicate soft drinks and
4. When brewing beer, adding proper amount of lactic acid can adjust the pH value to promote saccharification, facilitate yeast fermentation, improve beer quality, increase beer flavor and extend shelf life. It is used to adjust pH in liquor, sake and fruit wine to prevent the growth of bacteria, enhance the acidity and refreshing taste.
5. Natural lactic acid is a natural intrinsic ingredient in dairy products. It has the taste of dairy products and good
anti-microbial effect. It has been widely used in blending yoghurt cheese, ice cream and other foods, and has become a popular dairy sour agent;
6. Lactic acid powder is a direct sour conditioner for the production of steamed bread. Lactic acid is a natural fermented acid, so it can make bread unique. Lactic acid is a natural sour taste regulator. It is used for baking and baking in bread, cakes, biscuits and other baked foods. It can improve the quality of food and maintain color. , extend the shelf life.
7. Since L-lactic acid is part of the skin’s inherent natural moisturizing factor, it is widely used as a moisturizer for many
skin care products.


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